Brinkhall Sparkling

New Nordic Cider

Made with locally sourced ingredients

Brinkhall Sparkling

Brinkhall Sparkling is a modern cider brand that embraces the New Nordic Cider philosophy, offering a range of exceptional ciders crafted with locally sourced ingredients and sustainable production methods.

New nordic cider

New Nordic Cider is a movement within the cider-making industry that emphasizes local and seasonal ingredients, sustainable production methods, and high-quality craftsmanship. Committed to purity and authenticity, New Nordic Ciders never include artificial substances or concentrates, showcasing the region's rich heritage and diverse flavors through the use of native fruits, wild yeasts, and traditional fermentation techniques

Brinkhall Sparkling

Dive into the vibrant world of Brinkhall Sparkling, where our diverse range of ciders caters to the tastes of all generations. We would love to foster an inclusive atmosphere that brings people together, creating lasting bonds and cherished moments

Design Hill

Our visitor center is located in close proximity to the motorway, connected to Design Hill in Halikko. The entire lower floor of Design Hill is at our disposal, housing our production facility, our store, and meeting spaces. It's a full-service visitor center!


The main values of the winery include a high quality and domesticity. The products are 100% Finnish. Our apple orchards are located in Järvenperä and Lohja. Apple varieties Lobo, Melba, Atlas, Raike, Åkero, Kaneli, Antonovka and many others are juiced in our own premises of the factory to ensure the high quality.

Brinkhall manor

The name of the company pays homage to the Brinkhall Manor located in Kakskerta, Turku, which hosts one of the first Finnish apple orchards in its courtyard. The idea of the cider house was born on the manor's lands and continues to inspire us. We are in the process of establishing an experimental orchard and a cider museum connected to the manor. In summer, the manor's café serves our entire product range. We also organize some events. The actual production and visitor center is located in Halikko's Design Hill, where we handcraft each bottle. We support the Finnish Cultural Heritage Foundation, thereby contributing to the future of the culturally historic Brinkhall Manor.