2021 | 750 ml | 6,3% alc. vol.

This cider is a blend of two different varieties. Tiina is a delightful discovery that adds a playful, fruity, and almost non-acidic character to the cider. Atlas, an old domestic cultivation variety, has a strong acidity but a stylishly bright aroma. The batches were blended and bottled in the final stages of fermentation, allowing the remaining fermentation to occur in the bottle. Together, they create a refreshingly acidic, fruity, and even hearty cider, where the varieties complement each other.

Acid lead - New Nordic Cider
Residual sugar
5,0 g/l
Total acidity
6,0 g/l
Ingredients Finnish apple

Apples were sweated prior to crushing, and the crushed pulp was allowed to macerate for a day before juicing. Fermentation took place in separate tanks. The cider was blended and bottled towards the end of fermentation, allowing it to finish in the bottle and create bubbles there, known as pétillant-naturel or pét-nat.

Dietary facts

Natural: Yes

Vegan: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

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