2022 | 330 ml | 4,5% alc. vol.

This semi-sweet, rich, and full-bodied cider is reminiscent of the typical cider from the Calvados region, with Finnish apples adding a touch of freshness and floral aromas.

Tannin lead - French
Residual sugar
36,0 g/l
Total acidity
6,0 g/l
Ingredients Finnish apple, french cider apple

A blend of semi-finished Norman cider at 3.5% strength and our own domestic batches. Several options were experimented with before settling on the final blend. The addition of our own batches was aimed at achieving the desired acidity and aroma. Contract canning was used, involving pasteurization and carbonation.

Dietary facts

Sulphite: Yes

Vegan: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

Where else to get

K-Supermarketit ja Citymarketit kautta maan, isoimmat Prismat, Alkon erikoiserä, Partners in Cider -pisteet, ja laajasti eri ravintolat ja baarit.

3,80 €