Kuura Ice Cider

Non-vintage | 375 ml | 11% alc. vol.

Experience the frost-kissed delight of Kuura Ice Cider, a dessert wine made from 100% Finnish apples, cryoconcentrated in nature's embrace. With no added sugar, savor the true essence of Nordic nature, where gentle summers meet icy winters. This sweet yet acidic elixir boasts an intensity softened by a delicate touch.

Ice Cider
Residual sugar
133,0 g/l
Total acidity
12,0 g/l
Ingredients Finnish apple

The apples were pressed into juice in tanks, which were then moved outside to freeze during the winter. In spring, the juices slowly thawed, and the first thawed portion (15-20% of the mass) was collected. This portion was concentrated with an intense apple aroma and a high level of sweetness. The flavorful, sweet juice underwent slow fermentation for 6 months and matured for several more months, creating an intense ice cider. This product is non-vintage, meaning it uses batches from several different years - the oldest being from 2018.

Dietary facts

Sulphite: Yes

Vegan: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

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