Prestige Brut

2021 | 750 ml | 7% alc. vol.

Prestige Brut - a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Crafted with hand-selected Finnish apples and the time-honored méthode traditionnelle, this fine cider elevates any occasion. Every sip tells a story of Nordic nature, skilled hands, and audacious spirit. Limited availability, exceptional quality.

Acid lead - New Nordic Cider
Residual sugar
8,0 g/l
Total acidity
6,5 g/l
Ingredients Finnish apple

First, the batches fermented separately in their own tanks until dry, followed by blending. The batches were fermented with wild yeast. Sweetness was added using juice, and the blend was bottled with champagne yeast. It was allowed to ferment and mature for 11 months in the bottle, after which the bottles were disgorged according to the champagne method.

Dietary facts

Sulphite: Yes

Vegan: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

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