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Committed to purity and authenticity, New Nordic Ciders never include artificial substances or concentrates, showcasing the region's rich heritage and diverse flavors through the use of native fruits, wild yeasts, and traditional fermentation techniques


3,80 €

Blend of true Basque country sagardo naturala and Finnish cider. Bone dry, playground of different acids and flavors.


3,80 €

A dry blend of purely domestic apples, showcasing the characteristics of several varieties. This cider presents a pleasant apple flavor and a nuanced profile, finished with a refreshingly acidic touch.


3,80 €

This semi-sweet, rich, and full-bodied cider is reminiscent of the typical cider from the Calvados region, with Finnish apples adding a touch of freshness and floral aromas.


15,00 €

This cider is a blend of two different varieties. Raike brings a rustic and robust apple character to the mix, while Eppulainen, known as a great cider apple, adds fullness and a touch of tannins.


15,00 €

This cider is a blend of two different varieties. Tiina is a delightful discovery that adds a playful, fruity, and almost non-acidic character to the cider. Atlas, an old domestic cultivation variety, has a strong acidity but a stylishly bright aroma.

Kuura Ice Cider

25,00 €

Experience the frost-kissed delight of Kuura Ice Cider, a dessert wine made from 100% Finnish apples, cryoconcentrated in nature's embrace. With no added sugar, savor the true essence of Nordic nature, where gentle summers meet icy winters.

Prestige Brut

25,00 €

Prestige Brut - a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Crafted with hand-selected Finnish apples and the time-honored méthode traditionnelle, this fine cider elevates any occasion. Every sip tells a story of Nordic nature, skilled hands, and audacious spirit. Limited availability, exceptional quality.

Alma rosé

12,00 €

Enjoy Brinkhall Sparkling's Alma Rosé sparkling cider, made from Finnish apples combined with Finnish wine Rondo grapes. Our semi-dry, acidic cider offers freshness and generous effervescence, creating a sophisticated and refreshing taste experience. Alma Rosé is perfect for versatile social situations. Cheers to life's colorful moments!


12,00 €

Experience the refreshing taste of Brinkhall Sparkling's Alma, a delightful sparkling cider produced from the finest organic apples grown. This off-dry, fruity cider boasts a perfect balance of crisp apple flavors and a strong sparkle, making it an ideal choice for any social gathering. Raise a toast to life's special moments!