2021 | 330 ml | 5,5% alc. vol.

A dry blend of purely domestic apples, showcasing the characteristics of several varieties. This cider presents a pleasant apple flavor and a nuanced profile, finished with a refreshingly acidic touch.

Acid lead - New Nordic Cider
Residual sugar
17,0 g/l
Total acidity
7,5 g/l
Ingredients Finnish apple, sugar

A blend of several different varieties and batches from our tanks. Most of the fermentation was carried out with wild yeasts. Towards the end, a small amount of sugar was added to bring a touch of sweetness. Contract canning was used, involving pasteurization and carbonation.

Dietary facts

Sulphite: Yes

Vegan: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

Where else to get

K-Supermarketit ja Citymarketit kautta maan, isoimmat Prismat, Alkon tilausvalikoima, Partners in Cider -pisteet, ja laajasti eri ravintolat ja baarit.

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